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New York, NY

About Bergy

    • Founder/Owner of The Great Fantastic
      • I am the intern, the sales guy, the customer service rep, the operation executive, the finance geek, and the creative director all at the same time
    • MBA - NYUStern School of Business
    • 6 years buying and brand building experience at Bloomingdale's and Birchbox
    • Fitness Coach at OrangeTheory
    • Active Member of Israeli Men's National Indoor & Outdoor Lacrosse Teams
      • Dual-Citizen
      • Won Gold at 2017 World Indoor European Championships (first team gold in Israel's history in any team sport)
    • 5 year letter winner and Team Captain at Drexel University

Which Kase Mate Best Embodies Your Personalty?

"Gotta go with the wave one, I try to model my skiing after surfing - smooth, graceful, and generally stylish (for the ladies obviously). Also, skiing deep pow really does remind me of the smoothness and feel of surfing - really the closet you can get to flying in my opinion. "

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