Murfreesboro, TN

About Trevor

  • - Freelance Videographer/Photographer - Owner of TMAS Productions, LLC  


    • Born In Honolulu,Hawaii 


    • Avid world traveler 


    • Featured Photographer on Moody Grams - 2017


    • Worked with brands such as, Fossil, Fstoppers, Go scope, Jackson Kayak, Merica Clothing, TiK Watches, etc. 


    • Created video/photo content for Lil Yachty, Blackbear, Zach Seabaugh and more. 


    • Collaborated with Photographers and Filmmakers across the globe. 


    - Over 2 million views on Youtube 

Which Kase Mate Best Embodies Your Personalty?

"Gotta go with the wave one, I try to model my skiing after surfing - smooth, graceful, and generally stylish (for the ladies obviously). Also, skiing deep pow really does remind me of the smoothness and feel of surfing - really the closet you can get to flying in my opinion. "

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