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Las Angeles, CA

About Warren

  • 1. I’ve been playing music for over 10 years now. 
    2. I grew up in a small town outside of Baltimore and have been playing with multiple bands that have been performing around the DC, Baltimore and Annapolis area since 2012.
    3. I attended the University of Maryland from 2014-2017 and proceeded to leave to go to school in Los Angeles in the summer of 2017. (Los Angeles College of Music)
    4. I moved from Baltimore to Los Angeles to work for my mentor Dru Decaro, at his studio in North Hollywood, CA.
    5. After spending a year working with Dru, I got picked up to play guitar for my buddy Christian French, and we Went on our first US national tour opening for Chelsea Cutler this past September and are going again in Feb. 2019 for a second run opening for Quinn XCII.
    6. I still work under Dru at the studio as well as play guitar for multiple artists around the LA Area.
    5) My favorite design has to be the blue one with the horizontal white stripe. 

Which Kase Mate Best Embodies Your Personalty?

"Gotta go with the wave one, I try to model my skiing after surfing - smooth, graceful, and generally stylish (for the ladies obviously). Also, skiing deep pow really does remind me of the smoothness and feel of surfing - really the closet you can get to flying in my opinion. "

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