Our Story

We’re 5 close friends from varying backgrounds attending Clemson University with a passion for college football, tailgating, hunting, fishing, and any other activity that goes well with a cold beverage in hand. With that said, we also shared a common dilemma – how to keep our beverages cold while avoiding the inconvenience of conventional coolers.

Seeking a solution to keep our beverages cold without the struggle of lugging a bulky cooler around constantly having to refill the ice, we concluded that there had to be a smarter, more convenient way. We would all get together after classes and on the weekends to search for a solution to our problem. We came across a variety of different coolers that were feature rich with all the bells and whistles.

However, everything we found was just as hefty and bulky as the price tags. Realizing there wasn’t a product to accomplish such a feat, we were quick to decide we’d have to create it. Hence the Kanga Kase Mate concept was born!

Meet The Team

Logan Lamance | Kanga

Logan Lamance | Founder   

As a proud recipient of a business degree from Clemson University, Logan is an experienced entrepreneur who has built, managed, and grown multiple businesses (Or so he tells us). As the creator of the Kase Mate, his sole focus lies in continuing to innovate and revolutionize the way people enjoy cold beverages on the go! 

Austin Maxwell | Kanga

Austin Maxwell | Head of Marketing

Austin, a fellow Clemson graduate, received his degree in Industrial Engineering. During his 4 (and a half) year stint at Clemson, he was a member of the club soccer team, founder of the Technical Sales Society, and the Social & Events chairman for his fraternity, Beta Theta Pi. Not to mention that he held the Regional Sales Manager position for Beatbox Beverages, was an ambassador for for Old Row, Chubbies Shorts, Sheepsheadwear, and Coast Apparel. Since graduating, Austin decided that as an adult he wanted a more stable income with reasonable hours. So inherently, he joined a Startup. Now his focus lies on ridding the world of warm beverages (BEERS) from sea to shining sea.

Ryan Frazier | Kanga

Ryan Frazier | Head of FINANCE & Operations

Guess where Ryan graduated from... you got it! Harvard (yeah that Harvard). Sorry we lied, we meant to say Clemson… or did we? With a Financial Management degree from good ol’ Clemson University, we let Ryan handle the numbers and operations. Ryan has had the opportunity to live all over the world, but now calls Greenville, SC home. When he’s not working on Kanga, Ryan loves spending time with his pupper Luna, going on road trips, cooking delicious meals (the word delicious is used loosely here), enjoying the outdoors, and “mastering” the Ukulele.

Edward Giard | Kanga

EDward Giard | Investor & board member 

A varsity letterman in swimming, Edward (aka Fast Eddie) Giard is a successful entrepreneur and a consumer product executive with 30 years of experience specializing in sporting goods. Edward started his first company, Profile by Design, while studying Mechanical Engineering at Clemson University. Edward has dozens of patents to his credit in a wide variety of consumer products categories. After the sales of his companies, Edward oversaw product marketing and business performance for industry leading brands like; Burton Snowboards, Trek Bicycles, and Under Armour.

Kyle Self | Kanga

Kyle Self | Digital Strategist

According to Kyle his proudest moment was the day he bought his 1985 Honda CR 100 Dirt Bike. Kyle is currently taking time off from school at Clemson University to help grow Kanga. His experience in the fields of Digital Marketing,  Graphic Design, and Website creation/optimization have been gained through his countless hours of self-teaching, as well as through numerous summer internships, and online courses. According to Kyle his biggest asset's are his ability to Pop a wheelie on his dirt bike, and his innate sense of curiosity which sparked his love of understanding the process behind how things work.  

Teddy Giard | Kanga

Teddy Giard | Head of Content

Teddy Giard, Head of content (aka the team hippie). Teddy is an experienced videographer, photographer, and thrill-seeker, as an entrepreneur at heart, Teddy’s career started off with a GoPro and an idea “How can I make money doing what I love?” By following his love for film Teddy has been ben able to turn this idea into a lucrative means of living (for a College Sophomore). From self-held camps to freelance work with corporations, like Southern Tide, Special Olympics, and Clemson University. Teddy continues to relentlessly push back boundaries and pursue his passion to turn every memory into a story.