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Keeps drinks cold for 7 hours without ice!

About the Kase Mate Pro

The Kase Mate Is The Iceless Cooler Designed To Wrap Around An Entire Case Of Beverages Keeping Them Cold For Up To 7 Hours Without Ice.


Ever held a cloud, wrapped in velvet that spits cold brewskis? Well now you can with new and improved gripage for a more portable and enjoyable icy beverage.


A much needed improvement for down under. It is much easier to knock off those pesky parking lot pellets after your endless round of cornhole at the tailgate.


It all starts the unzipping. Which is why we added a leather tab to the zipper, to make it that much more easy ;)


The perfect spot to keep your phone, wallet, keys, and most importantly your partner in crime, the Roozie.




We took the phrase "it's the inside that counts" to heart. An aluminum covered liner not only makes for easier transfer of your blue mountains, but is also much more durable, for all you Sendy McSendersons out there.


The Esky Kanga Kase Mate Pro
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Kase Mate Reviews

HUNTER  - May 25, 2019

Amazing innovation. Never lugging around a heavy cooler again! Perfect for lake/beach days!"

AARON  -  JUN 29, 2019

I purchased the 12-pack size to try it out and absolutely LOVED it. I call it my "Golfers Briefcase." It kept my beverages cold for all 18. I then purchased a 24-pack size because why not be prepared for all situations!? I plan on getting more as gifts for my family and friends. 10 out of 10 would recommend to all."

GARRETT  - Apr 03, 2019

"There’s nothing worse than having to lug a heavy cooler full of ice down to the beach. The Kanaloa Kase Mate makes my life so much easier and with style. I love taking my Kanga on adventures because it’s literally so portable and wherever I go people ask me where they can get one. Good quality, great price, 100% worth the purchase."


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